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Kaspersky Powering Work Remote
Make working from home safe and easy

Kaspersky Remote Work Solutions

Our current reality has made working from home mandatory for nearly all industries. Due to government guidelines in place in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industry leading businesses such as General Motors, Apple, etc. have been encouraged to allow their employees to work from home. In such a scenario, it becomes even more important for administrators to ensure both corporate and employee data remains secure and private.

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Kaspersky Powering Work Remote

Kaspersky Working from home security

Security Compliance Working From Home

The new edition of Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud gives businesses more visibility over shadow IT offering a cloud discovery feature that allows IT administrators to adhere to corporate security policies. It does so by controlling the unauthorized use of potentially unsecure applications and sites commonly used by employees. The control over cloud services helps organizations minimize the risk of corporate data being exposed to a breach while still allowing employees to work remotely.

For Small Offices Working From Home

Kaspersky Small Office Security is the only IT security solution that’s specifically designed for smaller businesses and combines our award-winning anti-malware plus special technologies that protect more of the things that matter to you… including your money, identity, business reputation and confidential customer information. Designed to deliver the ease of use that smaller businesses demand, it can even be managed via the Web, whether you are in the office, or at home!

Kaspersky small office security

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