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Kaspersky Endpoint Security Hybrid Cloud
Next generation protection and transparent management across your entire cloud-enabled infrastructure

Kaspersky Endpoint Security Hybrid CloudPrice discounts with Competitive Upgrade Licenses!

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Kaspersky Endpoint Security Hybrid Cloud
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Hybrid Cloud -Standard Edition
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Kaspersky Endpoint Security Hybrid Cloud -Enterprise Edition
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One License KES Hybrid Cloud

One license, one console, multiple clouds

It doesn’t matter where your workloads are running - one license is enough for all of them. And one console will manage them all, across multiple clouds and any other part of your hybrid infrastructure, allowing for borderless orchestration of your mission-critical IT systems.

The same most tested, most awarded security – and more

Even in virtualized environments and public clouds, Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security provides the same unprecedented level of security so many customers appreciate. All the core technologies are shared with other award-winning Kaspersky products such as Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business.

Most awarded KES Hybrid Cloud

Multi-layered KES Hybrid Cloud

Multi-layered security, optimized for hard work

Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security features all the latest technologies, ensuring its applications fight even the most advanced, previously unknown threats. These technologies are powered by 20-years of threat hunting and a decade of experience in machine learning, together with vast, continuously updated stores of threat intelligence collected from across the world.

Harden your workloads to tighten your security

Going beyond next-gen threat detection, Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security offers extra proactive security layers, reducing the attack surface by restricting the use of unsolicited applications and peripherals, following the powerful Default Deny scenario. It also watches for unsolicited changes in mission-critical system components and applications to ensure uncompromising system integrity.

Hardened-workload KES Hybrid Cloud


streamlined KES Hybrid Cloud

Streamline your cloud journey

Whether you’re starting your cloud-enabled business from scratch or migrating your existing assets into the cloud, Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security ensures your systems’ strong security without compromising on protection levels.

any workload KES Hybrid Cloud

Multi-layered security - for any workload

Following the principles of True Cybersecurity, we protect all types of workloads, servers and VDI alike, with multiple security layers, ensuring reliable protection against every type of cyberthreat, regardless of their origins, prevalence or complexity.

any workload KES Hybrid Cloud

Top protection - without compromising performance

We believe security shouldn’t interrupt your key processes or even slow them down. Kaspersky Hybrid Cloud Security was built with server specifics in mind, has minimal impact on system performance and requires only nominal maintenance.

borderless KES Hybrid Cloud

Borderless orchestration for any cloud

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a private or public cloud and regardless of your choice of cloud provider, your cloud security solution will stretch according to your needs and is managed seamlessly from a single point.

one console KES Hybrid Cloud

One console to manage them all

Managing all assets – physical, virtual and cloud-based – from a single point delivers unprecedented levels of control and saves admins from considerable hassle. When your assets are changing from physical to virtual to cloud-based, how you manage them doesn’t need to change. This saves valuable man-hours.

security KES Hybrid Cloud

Security that wins more awards… does more to protect

Don’t just take our word for it. In recent years, our products have participated in more independent tests and reviews – and have achieved more first places than any other vendor too.

Features Standard Enterprise
Cloud API - integration with AWS and Azure
Monitoring, reporting, RBAC, Virtual Administrative Server
Files, memory and processes protection
Exploit Prevention, Network Threat Protection
Anti-Cryptor for shared folders, Firewall Management
Application Control, HIPS for Desktops
Device Control for Servers
Web AV, Mail AV, Anti-spam, Anti-phishing
Application Control (Default Deny) for Servers


Advanced Network IDS/IPS (KSV Agentless only)


File Integrity Monitor (FIM)


Logs Inspection (LI)


Large Scale Environment support



Download the Kaspersky Endpoint Security Hybrid Cloud Datasheet (PDF).

Pricing Notes:

Kaspersky Products
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Hybrid Cloud
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Hybrid Cloud -Standard Edition
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Kaspersky Endpoint Security Hybrid Cloud -Enterprise Edition
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