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Kaspersky Lab Cybersecurity Solutions
Protection Against APTs and Evolving Threats

Business security to meet any challenge

Safeguard your organization’s success with industry-leading protection against new and evolving cyber threats.

Kaspersky Enterprise Products

Responding to your current and future IT security needs with our unique stage-by-stage approach.

Security Foundations

For every organization

The fundamental stage for organizations of any size and infrastructure complexity to block the most threats automatically

Optimum Security

For medium IT security teams

Enables medium cybersecurity teams to tackle even threats that bypass automatic prevention – with a resource-conscious solution that builds-up organically from Security Foundations

Expert Security

For fully-formed IT security and SOC teams

A comprehensive defensive approach for any enterprise with mature IT security to counter the most complex cyberattacks, including Advanced Persistent Threats

Kaspersky Home Products

Keep your internet use safe and private and your devices running smoothly with
one of our award-winning, easy-to-use security plans.