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Kaspersky Advanced Cyber-Incident Communications
Upskilling your corporate communications team to operate optimally during a cyberattack

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Kaspersky Advanced Cyber-Incident Communications

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When your organization comes under attack, your corporate commmunications team must be ready to minimize the damage caused, through authoritative, appropriate, accurate and timely actions.

Kaspersky Lab has developed best-of-breed training that empowers corporate communications professionals to handle crisis communications, including developing and applying appropriate assets, in the event of an unknown cyber-incident or advanced persistent threat (APT).

Tailored training solutions backed by leading cybersecurity expertise.

Due to the nature of advanced or unknown attacks, operational security is heavily dependent on technology and real-time cybersecurity insights – today's communicators need to operate securely.

Reputation management in the event of an advanced or unknown cyber-incident.

With increasing regulatory pressures, knowing how to behave while under attack not only minimizes potential reputational damage, but can also greatly mitigate direct financial losses.

A thorough understanding of the cyber-incident landscape for corporate communicators.

Knowing how to distinguish and identify different types of threats is crucial to managing communications with external audiences.

Tailored insert for advanced or unknown cyber incidents for the crisis communications manual.

To comply with the new benchmark in handling communications in the event of advanced or unknown cyber incidents, a new type of OpSec knowledge is required for inclusion in the crisis communications manual.

Ensure your internal business processes are ready to disclose cyber-incidents

From the instant a cyber-incident is discovered, every action counts. How your communications are managed – externally and internally – is critical, particularly when dealing with unknown attack vectors and advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Any enterprise can fall victim to a cyberattack, which is why there needs to be a crisis team – ideally made up of specialists from the information security department, the operations division, and corporate communications – ready to minimize the damage. This can be done through authoritative, appropriate, accurate and timely actions.

  • Authoritative – Reassuring customers, stakeholders and the media that the organization is fully in control of the situation and is dealing with it calmly and effectively.
  • Appropriate – Using the appropriate tools, channels and language to inform and reassure without causing panic or confusion, and without inadvertently assisting your attackers.
  • Accurate – Avoiding the adverse consequences of making unintentionally misleading statements or claims while under attack.
  • Timely – Ensuring that all your legal and regulatory obligations relating to the public disclosure of specific data-related information are fully met within the timeframes stipulated.

Kaspersky has developed best-of-breed training that empowers top management, information security and corporate communications professionals to handle crisis communications, including developing and applying appropriate assets, while under attack from an unknown cyber-incident or advanced persistent threat (APT).

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This solution is particularly well suited to addressing the security requirements, concerns and constraints of these enterprise sectors.

  • Enterprise Organizations
  • Financial Services
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Government & NGOs
  • Energy
  • Telecommunications

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