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Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response
Preventing business disruption by eliminating the risks posed by advanced threats

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business - Cloud

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Enterprises are improving their security strategy for responding to advanced threats and modern cyberattacks. For cybercriminals, endpoints are still the main target – but today’s threats are sidestepping traditional endpoint security measures, disrupting business-critical processes, damaging productivity and increasing operating costs.

Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) provides comprehensive visibility across all endpoints on the corporate network, enabling the automation of routine tasks in order to discover, prioritize, investigate and neutralize advanced threats. The result is a significant increase in the speed and effectiveness of incident processing, at no extra cost.

Single agent for advanced defense

A single agent for prevention, investigation, hunting and response reduces your total cost of ownership, simplifies incident handling and minimizes maintenance costs. As a module which can be activated within our world-leading Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, Kaspersky EDR for advanced threat discovery, investigation and response to complex incidents is quick and easy to implement.

Drives operational efficiency

Kaspersky EDR reduces the time needed for initial evidence collection, improves endpoint-level telemetry analysis and automates EDR processes, cutting overall response times from hours to minutes. A single web interface enables real-time investigation and provides a historical database overview of activities, even for endpoints which are not already on the network or when data has been encrypted during an attack.

Improves security and safeguards privacy

As an investigation and response tool for complex incidents, Kaspersky EDR is designed to ensure the complete privacy of raw telemetry and critical data/files - all data collection, analysis and storage is performed on-site. This means the security team retains complete control of data - particularly important for organizations who, for regulatory or other reasons, need to ensure that no item of data travels beyond the corporate IT perimeter.

Kaspersky EDR is ideal for organizations that want to:

  • Automate threat identification & response – without disruption to the business
  • Improve endpoint visibility & threat detection – via advanced technologies, including ML (Machine Learning), Sandbox, IoC scan & Threat Intelligence
  • Empower security improving – with an easy-to-use, enteprise solution for Incident Response
  • Establish unified and effective Threat Hunting, Incident Management and Response processes.

Aiding compliance:

Real-time Threat Intelligence sharing via on premise Kaspersky Private Security Network.

  • No cloud reliance and outbound data flow via KPSN integration.
  • All forensics data is centrally stored within Kaspersky EDR on enterprise’s own environment.


Adaptive Threat Response

Kaspersky EDR includes a vast array of automated responses that help enterprises to avoid the use of traditional remediation processes – such as wiping and reimaging – that can result in expensive downtime and loss of productivity.

Proactive Threat Hunting

With fast-search, using a centralized database – plus Indicators of Compromise (IoC) search – Kaspersky EDR can radically change security workflow. Instead of having to wait for alerts, your security team can actively hunt for threats – proactively scanning endpoints to spot anomalies and security breaches.

Intuitive Web-Interface

Kaspersky EDR’s easy-to-use, browser-based interface gives security personnel unified visibility and control of: Detection, Investigation, Prevention, Alerting and Reporting. Because a vast range of functions can be monitored and controlled via a single interface, your security team can perform security tasks more effectively and efficiently – without having to flip between separate tools and multiple consoles.

EDR Highlights

Rapidly uncover and contain advanced threats

Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (Kaspersky EDR) helps enterprises to detect, investigate and respond:

  • Improving visibility over endpoints
  • Automating manual response tasks
  • Boosting investigation capabilities
    ... and it’s compatible with traditional endpoint security solutions.

Kaspersky EDR helps security teams – and less experienced responders – to triage an endpoint with the precision of a cyber-response specialist. With Kaspersky EDR, your organization can:

  • Efficiently MONITOR threats – beyond malware
  • Effectively DETECT threats – using advanced technologies
  • Centrally AGGREGATE forensics data
  • Rapidly RESPOND to attacks
  • PREVENT malicious actions by discovered threats
    … all via a powerful web-interface that makes it easier to investigate and react.

Actively Hunting Threats:

By adding 24/7 Threat Hunting service – Kaspersky Managed Protection – to a Kaspersky EDR deployment, enterprises gain access to global threat research. In addition, Kaspersky Lab threat researchers can:

  • Review data collected in the enterprise’s environment;
  • Rapidly notify the enterprise’s security team – if malicious activity is detected;
  • Provide advice on how to respond and remediate.

Advanced endpoint security

Kaspersky Lab demonstrates our continuing leadership in endpoint protection by combining in one single solution five crucial elements:

  • A powerful, next-gen anti-malware engine – with machine learning
  • Endpoint detection and response (Kaspersky EDR)
  • A 24/7 threat hunting service – Kaspersky Managed Protection
  • Real-time threat intelligence access – via Kaspersky Security Network
  • Advanced endpoint controls (device/web/app, encryption and more)

Empowering traditional endpoint security

Because Kaspersky EDR is compatible with a wide range of traditional security products – from various vendors – it can also work alongside an enterprise’s existing endpoint security, helping to add:

  • Next-Gen functionality – for advanced detection and prevention;
  • Centralized investigation and response processes
    … without the enterprise having to replace its current security solution.

Endpoint Security

Business benefits across the enterprise:

Reduces costs

  • Automates manual tasks – during threat detection and response
  • Helps speed up threat containment – to save money and resources
  • Frees up IT and security personnel for other tasks
  • Helps minimize business disruption during investigations

Speeds return on investment

  • Enables efficient workflow
  • Reduces the time to identify and respond to threats
  • Helps to enable compliance – (PCI DSS and more) – by enforcing endpoint logs, alerts review and documentation of investigation results

Mitigates attack risks

  • Helps to eliminate security gaps and reduce attack ‘dwell time’
  • Simplifies Threat Analysis and Incident Response
  • Empowers existing security with threat validation


Download the Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (PDF).